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What if the infinite cosmos hold the galactic dangers the Earthlings never knew of? Listen to the journeys and battles of Sergeant Waggit as he embarks on the extraterrestrial expedition to save the Earth.


Story Of Legend

Dive into a World War II environment with outdated and inferior weapons, tanks, and armor against a fearless leader known as General Thade.

Story Of Legend

Brace yourself as a war that is under way between three different armies brawling over the most powerful weapon in the known universe is about to end, or is it.

Prepare for an epic space adventure in a new series of graphic novels/Comic Books First Graphic Novel/Comic Book Release: 03-21-23

Discover the inner most secrets of Sergeant Waggit and his crew as they embark on a journey across the known universe trying to save Earth while being tracked by an extraterrestrial race.

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About Marvin Sunderland

The wordsmith behind the fictional genius of I-Waggit Series is a former US Army veteran with a knack for game development, web development, and of course, fiction writing. The vastness of space had forever amazed and enticed him, resulting in this masterpiece of a fiction series. The former army man and word genius live with his wife and two children in Arizona.

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What People Says

As a sci-fi reader, one can only marvel at the wonder of a writer who can write at such length without losing that engaging factor—Marvin Sunderland is one such writer! A worth-reading series for every sci-fi fan and aspiring author.


Mell Harvey

Founder BookChimp

The brilliance of writing lies with the writer’s ability to hold the reader’s attention—and keeping it fixated for seven books is a mark of a genius. Thank you, Marvin, for introducing the fiction lovers to another series of galactic wars and space world!


Jamie Walsh

General Manager

I-Waggit series features the ever-loved space world and galaxy wars as the author takes it to the next level with his creative flair and super-vivid imagination. It is a must-read work if you are trying to publish and gain inspiration for your own writing. Will recommend it to every avid fiction reader!


Bailey Hardy

Accounting Manager

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