A book turns into a franchise- wonders of Sci-fi realms

Science fiction is literature’s most elaborate and read genre. If the book manages to reach such heights, it will have a mass following and a very dedicated fan base. We often hear about how a particular science fiction turned into a series and even a movie series that actively competes against all the other movies from different genres at the box office. It is all in the method, and this method has several steps. All the success depends on the author and the first book and how it is marketed and worked upon. But ultimately, it is the readers that help a book become a series, then a movie, and a whole series of the said movies. Look at Star Trek and Star Wars. It all started with the first book and movie. Princess Leia and her intergalactic rebellion and Darth Vader hot on his heels in pursuit of the rebellion in order to squash it, until Luke Skywalker steps in and turns the tables. The first book gave us an adrenaline rush, and we yearned to wait for whatever was next in the series.

With all the ingredients of a classic Science Fiction novel, Star Wars’ creator George Lucas was able to extend it into a sought-after series of books and movies, turning it into a billion-dollar franchise, which in itself is a pretty grand feat. Not to mention that Star wars has a loyal fan base that celebrates a Star Wars day on May the fourth. I, Waggit by Marvin Sunderland, is one such book. It is a relatively newer book series, but it has all the components of solid science fiction that could translate itself into a franchise. It has stories of wars, rebellion, space technology, mythology, military, and destruction. Etc. We have high hopes for Waggit as he goes about his adventures and saves the day. He has the full potential of being a superhero and science fiction franchise!