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Who is Marvin Sunderland?

Marvin Sunderland is a dynamic author and philosopher of natural space phenomenon analogies and extraterrestrial design. Sunderland is a Veteran of the United States Army and likes to share his war insights with the readers to grab their attention, making them feel as if they were on the battlefield.

Sunderland is not only an author, and he has become quite known for his Web Development, Game Development, and diving into the movie industry. Sunderland lives in Peoria, Arizona, with his wife and their two children.

What inspired him?

Sunderland has spent countless days gazing upon the stars looking for life beyond our own existence. In writing for science fiction, Sunderland also intended to use real events that currently uplift scientists’ creativity in understanding how the universe works. To this day, Sunderland knows that with the vastness of space and the universe expanding at a presented rate, the understanding of the human race being alone is not accurate by definition. Sunderland intended to use his findings to impress readers and show them that we are not alone in this universe.


First Cover To The New Graphic Novel/Comic Book Series

On December 05, 2022, a Graphic Novel/Comic Book Artist released an amazing cover for the first Graphic Novel/Comic Book to the series.  Take a look at the awesome design and colors that bring this first cover to life.

The journey to becoming a renowned published author

Sunderland has written his first seven books, which are titled “I-Waggit,” which stands for the first-person view of a soldier named Sergeant Lenard Waggit. Each book has a sub-title about one major story, putting the books into a series. The books in the series numbered 1 through 7 are known as—The Singularity, The Invasion, Chronicles of the Reddons, The Rod of God, The Titans of Tartarus, Battle of the Hyadeans, and Rebellion of the Underworld. The seven-book series is just the tip of the iceberg that will be driven to the world. Sunderland has a second and third series in the makings, along with a brand new understanding of how Black Holes form within the universe.

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