And the Plot thickens…..

“Princess Leia escapes in the battleship, insinuating a rebellion, and Darth Vader—the affiliate of the Sith. Evil forces of the universe.” This was the plot that appeared in the first movie of the Star Wars series created by George Lucas. But did this plot remain intact throughout the entire series? Or did it thicken? It had to! In order to revive the whole story with every sequel is to add certain plot twists or factors that would make the entire series more appealing, so you don’t end up losing your fan base, and you also pull the new readers in! But beware! You must stick to the method your science fiction is following and not break away from the sequence entirely and turn the sequel into a one big plot twist where the sequel doesn’t sound like a continuation of an original but a separate novel entirely.

It doesn’t mean you have to drag the horse around and keep the entire trope intact—you just have to tweak it. Tweak it to make the book look more appetizing while adhering to the original plot and not falling too far away from it. Like the first Star Wars started with Leia’s rebellion and the introduction of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, the sequels explained how these three were connected and why the universe put them together to fight off Darth Vader and the Sith. Just like these, each plot could be broken into tiny pieces and be expalined and revealed in every sequel further down the series.

If you are looking for one such series to read, I would like to recommend ‘I-Waggit’ by Marvin Sunderland. You will not be disappointed!