Why I-Waggit by Marvin Sunderland is a book, you should read!

The world of literature is full of science-fiction depicting alien invasions, intergalactic rebellions, alliances, and space wars. While many of these books have tantalized the reader’s palate and became a good read, very few of them have become legendary and remarkable and have set a benchmark for others to follow. Star wars series, originally written in 1977 and created by George Lucas, has set a specific benchmark for the other authors and creators to follow. Not only that, everyone following up on the original with a fan fiction understood the recipe to garner a cult following. From Princess Leia’s iconic rebellion to Darth Vader’s and Luke Skywalker’s ‘Luke I am your father,’ everything about that has inspired the other sci-fi authors to follow this iconic franchise’s recipe for an amazing and appetizing science fiction that would generate a mass cult following.

From the battle starship to the rebellion, alliances, crushing of alliances, and destruction of the enemies, Star wars had very well explained to the upcoming authors the method to success. The example can be seen in “Alien-Into Charybdis” by Alex White, “Star Wars-Master and Apprentice” by Claudia Gray, and “Space Force-Our Star trek future” by Dr. Michael Salla. The norm and the rules were made with the releases of such iconic and inspirational novels, and many followed the unwritten rules these prestigious books set for the rest of the writers and authors in the genres.

So if you are one such lover of the science-fiction genre and appreciate a well-written, star war-esque science fiction novels, I-Waggit by Marvin Sunderland could be an amazing addition to your collection—possibly your next novel to rave about! so go on and grab your copy of I-Waggit series today and make a wonderful addition to your bookshelf!